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Dear visitor, please note that this website with over 350 pages is a very large site and it contains not only the website of a company producing bookmarks, but it is at the same time web's currently most comprehensive reference site on physical bookmarks.

"An amazing and LARGE site about bookmarks"  - University of Michigan about Mirage Bookmark website  

As we started back in February 2001, we thought it must be boring for most of our visitors to read, yes, we are a Swiss producer of bookmarks. Thus we thought that we should offer something interesting to the visitors of our website and came up with the idea of a general bookmark exhibition showing beatiful bookmarks from different eras and in various layout. However, we did not have such bookmarks at hand to display them here. This is how we started collecting bookmarks, old and new ones, made of card, silk, metal, leather and of more materials. Meanwhile, we have added so much new content related to bookmarks to this website, that we can say, yes, this is web's currently the leading reference site for bookmarks. Please read below about what our company is doing and all about our bookmark contents.  
Mirage Bookmark is a product line of the Swiss company Maner Consulting specializing in the production and distribution of exquisite art bookmarks.
Mirage Bookmark's product range includes world's finest etched metal bookmarks with unique cutout and engraved artwork, a popular merchandise
in bookstores & gift shops worldwide. Another speciality in the Mirage Bookmark line are quasi-handmade fine art print card bookmarks which are designed to accompany important exhibitions in leading art museums in Switzerland and abroad.
As already mentioned above, the website of Mirage Bookmark is not a mere company website, moreover it is the currently largest resource of knowledge about bookmarks on the internet. The most important part of our site - The World of Bookmarks - is an information base with the following sections dedicated to bookmarks: The History of Bookmarks, Books & Publications, Link Collection, Bookmark Quotes, Essays, Collector Informations & Events. Our website also hosts an extensive online bookmark exhibition - The Art of Bookmark - which showcases in beautiful pictures all types of bookmarks from 1850s up to now and represents a study of bookmark design and make-up in different eras and trades. Another service of the Mirage Bookmark website is a list of bookmark collectors from presently 38 different countries wishing friends all over the world for the purpose of exchanging bookmarks. Therefore, we are proud to say:             

Welcome to web's most comprehensive reference site on physical bookmarks!

It has been reported frequently, that our visitors did spent several hours on our website: so take your time and enjoy! Thank you for your visit.
Unfortunately, we don't have a search function on this large website, hence you may find it useful to search the entire contents of Mirage Bookmark website with the following method
: enter on a Google search field the words "site:miragebookmark.ch" followed by your search terms. 
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BOOKMARK COLLECTORS - We have a new community: International Friends of Bookmarks (IFOB)!

International Friends of Bookmarks (IFOB) is an informal community of individuals sharing an interest in
bookmarks, such as bookmark collectors, librarians, publishers of books and papers on bookmarks, product
designers, museum archivists & registrars, and ephemera specialists. The mission of the IFOB is
to support
its members in collecting & exchanging bookmarks and in retrieving, generating and sharing information
about bookmarks. To achieve its goals, IFOB started a website in December 2015 (
with the aim to grow it into a public resource of knowledge about bookmarks and as a communication platform
for the members. Further activities include circulating a newsletter, publishing papers and organising occasional
meetings for its members. The membership is free of charge and qualifies for a subscription of the newsletter. 

Interested? You are welcome to join us! Click
here to have a look at the IFOB website. 



EARLY FRENCH BOOKMARKS - a new book by Mirage Bookmark
A documentation of French bookmarks dating from 1800s up to 1969.
Click here for details and the order form 

I received my bookmark order today. The bookmarks are exquisite! I am glad I ordered so many and will be proud to give them
as gifts as they are unique and of such high quality."   - Nancy W., Seattle, WA


The cutout cardboard bookmarks show the figures Le Commentateur and La Commissaire by the French artist Jean Dubuffet (1901-1985), the founder of the art movement Art Brut (outsider art) dedicated to art outside the boundaries of the official culture. Altogether four bookmarks with figures of Dubuffet have been created by Mirage Bookmark to serve as merchandises during the Jean Dubuffet exhibition (31.1-5.8.2016) staged at the leading Swiss modern art museum
Fondation Beyeler.


Mirage Bookmark has produced a new set of magnetic bookmarks as a promotional merchandise for the International Friends of Bookmarks (IFOB). The bookmarks are available in the Shop of the IFOB website.



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The World of Bookmarks
Web's largest information base on bookmarks featuring:                
History of Bookmarks | Books & Publications | Bookmark Quotes
Essays on Bookmarks | Link Collection | and many more       
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The Art of Bookmark
  |  Bookmark Exhibition
Outstanding collection of bookmarks from 1850s up to now
with over 150 images are showcased on this exhibition. 
So take your time and enjoy !      

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Let Mirage Bookmark produce for you an unforgettable
customized bookmark for your event or as a customer gift,
as a wedding gift or as a merchandise for your gift shop.

Picture Gallery - Most Interesting Bookstores of the World   Picture Gallery - Most Interesting Libraries of the World

 Picture Gallery - Most Interesting Bookstores of the World


 Picture Gallery - Most Interesting Libraries of the World

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  Picture Gallery about Reading

 Picture Gallery - Amazing Bookmarks

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Mirage Bookmark Picture Gallery


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