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Bookmark collectors from Australia

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or if your email bounces back. We'll check and eliminate email addresses
which are no more in use.

Mark Plummer
Merredin WA

"I collect mostly free bookmarks from libraries, bookshops etc.
I would like to swap 3 bookmarks (1 swap only) with collectors

Jim Owens
NSW Australia

"I'm operating a second hand bookstore in Morisset. I have
been collecting bookmarks since 2004. I have many different
bookmarks from around the world, from publishers, new
& used bookshops, handmade, metal & plastic. But for me
the classic old paper bookmark is the best. I'll be happy
to swap bookmarks."

Linda Cross

" I have an extensive bookmark collection and would like to exchange
paper bookmarks with anyone in Australia or around the world. 
Please contact me if you are interested."

Sylvia Walker
Nundah - Brisbane

"Hi, I have a collection of card bookmarks I would like to swap.
Collecting since 2007, I have amassed many thousands of bookmarks
and I would like to swap some of them. Happy collecting, and I hope
to hear from you."

Debrah Gai Lewis
Lagdons Hill - Daylesford 
Victoria - Australia

"I have been an avid reader since childhood, an enthusiastic book
collector since my early teens and keen collector of bookmarks for
the last twenty years - at first serendipitously and then more inten-
tionally! I enjoy collecting all bookmark genres but my favourite genre
is bookshop (bookstore) bookmarks, that is, bookmarks promoting
bookshops, closely followed by bookmarks promoting libraries and
their activities. I prefer paper/cardboard bookmarks, but I do have
some plastic, metal, wooden, leather and cloth bookmarks in my
collection. I am happy to be in touch with other bookmark collectors
and to swap bookmarks. You may also like to check out my bookmarks
website which highlights my collection:"

Anne Forbes
Mount Barker
Western Australia


"I have been collecting bookmarks for many years.
I have no 'themed' collection, I just love bookmarks.
I enjoy hearing about other collections."

Muhammad Noor Halil Chalid
Kingsford NSW


"I  just started collecting bookmarks for the past three months. 
I am an avid reader myself, so I guess reading and bookmark collecting 
would be a nice match. In Indonesia, where I am from, bookmark is still
not so popular unfortunately. I look forward to exchanging with anybody."

Mr. Robin B. Brown
Croydon North, Victoria

"Hi, I've been collecting bookmarks for 3 years in 2012. I have over
 one thousand in my collection. I catalogue every bookmark and
 record the story of how I came to find the bookmark. One day I want
 to write a history of Australia through bookmarks. I particularly like paper,
 cloth and leather bookmarks and love to swap when I have spares.

Vicki Moore
Pacific Pines - Queensland

My name is Vicki, I live in Australia and would love to exchange bookmarks with anyone from
 anywhere. I have been collecting for about 2 years and love all my bookmarks. I don't have any
 favourites as they are all special. I love the aspect that they are from countries other than my own 
and they represent history or architecture of a country that I've no knowledge of.
Please contact me if you would like to exchange. Sorry but I can only speak English."


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