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Bookmark collectors from China

Please write us if you don't get any answer from an email address from the list,
or if your email bounces back. We'll check and eliminate email addresses
which are no more in use.

Steve Wu

"I have collected some Chinese style paper-cut bookmarks.
I am interested in exchanging bookmarks with others -
especially the ones from other countries. I can only commu-
nicate in English, if you can speak or read Chinese, that is
good. I also like to communicate with other amateur. That
is all of that. Waiting for your response!"

Man Wong
Hong Kong

"Hi, I'm from Hong Kong and I like to collect bookmarks.
I collect bookmarks for many years since my primary
school days. I would like to get to know bookmark
collectors from all around the world and swap my
duplicate bookmarks. Please also look at my Facebook
page about bookmark collecting and join me:


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