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Bookmark collectors from England UK

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or if your email bounces back. We'll check and eliminate email addresses
which are no more in use.

Louise English 
Horley, Surrey
England UK

"I've been collecting bookmarks for a few years now, and would love to
swap with other collectors around the world. Most of my colletion (and
spares for swapping) are paper and card, the sort of bookmarks that are
given away free in libraries and bookshops."

Caroline Thompson
England  UK


"I have been collecting Leather Bookmarks for a few years now,
mostly from UK. I have a few doubles to exchange and I would
like to add some from other countries. 
So, if anyone can help me please get in touch."

Amanda Kaye
England UK

"I've been collecting bookmarks for a couple years now. I collect
all categories of bookmark from around the world. I would like to
correspond with collectors around the world who are interested
in exchanging bookmarks."

attention: new email address, Richard has also changed his message
Richard Norman
Silverdale - Lancashire
England UK

"I have been collecting bookmarks for many years and have
plenty of duplicates that I would like to exchange with other
collectors. I would like to establish regular exchanges with
collectors in all European countries, especially Scandinavian
ones. Also in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa,
the U.S.A. and all countries in South America. Please get in
touch if you would like to start an exchange."

Vincent P. Woods
Earlsdon - Coventry
England UK

"Hi folks, I've been a collector of bookmarks for approx. 25 years.  I've
got quite a large collection. Never done anything like this before. Got
loads of swaps etc. Would be happy to hear from fellow collectors.
thank you."

new email!
Pam Haig

West Midlands
England UK


"I collect all categories of bookmarkers - freebies (from libraries, 
businesses and exhibitions etc), souvenirs from around the world, 
handcrafted, novelty, advertising and I have a small collection of 
'antique' markers (older than me anyway - 55+ years!).
I would like to correspond with collectors around the world who are 
interested in exchanging news and bookmarkers and are able 
to communicate with me in English."

John Ogle
England UK

"I have been collecting leather bookmarks ONLY, for a number of
years now. But have only a small collection from places I have
visited in the UK and a few from overseas. I have now retired, so
my aim is to expand and build on this small collection and exchange
duplicates via The World of Bookmarks, with like minded members." 

Dieh Meredith

England UK


"I have been collecting old antique bookmarks (anything before 1960)
since I found and old 1894 bookmarker of Brown & Polson when I bought
a second hand book in Swansea for a University essay in 1973!
I have mainly bookmarks from the UK & USA, and quite a few 
"anciens marque page" from my maison secondaire in France." 

Lucille Leaf
Greater London
England UK

"I have collected bookmarks for some years and have loads of swaps.
I only collect bookmarks made of card. I collect many themes and one
of the main parts of my collection are Edwardian Bookposts. Please
contact me if you would like to start swapping. I look forward to hearing
from you."

Maureen Patterson
Northern Ireland

United Kingdom


"I am disabled and enjoy collecting bookmarks made of 
card/paper only. I have lots of bookmarks to exchange which
includes leather bookmarks. I would be happy to exchange with
anyone worldwide. So do get in touch and send an email please."


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