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The bookmark collectors in the following lists - meanwhile 245 collectors from 39 different countries -
are interested in exchanging bookmarks with others.
Send an email to  to register in the lists below (updated April 22, 2016).
To register, we need your full address, your email address and a personal message from you. 
Due to security reasons, we'll publish only the town and country of your residence.

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Please write us if you don't get any answer from an email address from the list,
or if your email bounces back. We'll check and eliminate email addresses
which are no more in use.



A service from MIRAGE BOOKMARK for bookmark collectors!


You'll get a recorded and online trackable airmail letter enclosing 50 pieces different 
collectible bookmarks.
Among them are some commercial bookmarks from museums and 
gift shops and publishers, the one or the other old or new handmade bookmarks, a metal, 
leather or woven bookmark, illustrated giweaway bookmarks from libraries, bookstores, 
companies and governments from different parts of the world. Further, it may enclose a 
magnetic bookmark or a cutout plastic bookmark or a type of bookmark you haven't seen yet.

So, let yourself be surprised by the collection you get. This is ideal for new collectors / 
as a gift for an avid bookmark collector / as an interesting addition to your own collection.  

If you should order more than one package, we'll ship them together in one letter and
the different packages may contain some duplicates, we don't check this.

The transition time is about one week to Europe, USA, CDN, Australia, Singapore; 
about two weeks to Central and South America, Africa, and Asia. 

Yes, I order 50 different collectible bookmarks including recorded airmail shipping
for $ 29.95

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new bookmark collectors
- registered in April 2016 -

Akitoshi Matsuoka

"Hello! My name is Akitoshi. I collect all kinds of bookmarks
and have many doubles to exchange. I also have a blog about
Please write me in english or Japanese."

Daniela Silva
São Paulo

"My name is Daniela! I am a Brazilian collector of bookmarks. My
collection is composed of many editorial bookmarks and I am
interested in exchange with different countries all over the world.
You can write me in Portuguese, english and Spanish."

Minca Huiberts
Weert Limburg

"Hello, my name is Minca Huiberts. I started collecting bookmarks in 2011.
I collect almost everything but I'm mostly interested in Young Adult books
& movies (like The Hunger Games, Divergent, Fallen, Mortal Instruments).
I like bookmarks from Fantasy books too! Here's a list of bookmarks
I can trade. The list is not always complete or up to date. So you can contact
me, however only in English or Dutch: "

new bookmark collectors
- registered in March 2016 -

Agathe Echaroux

"Hello, my name is Agathe, and I would like to swap my bookmarks
from everywhere you are. I am from France and I started collecting
bookmarks around 1996."

new bookmark collectors
- registered in February 2016 -

Meg Brown
Milford, NH

"I started collecting a few bookmarks and looking into their history
because I make handmade beaded and wire bookmarks with stories.
Each bookmark reflects a character in the story. I have just recently
narrowed the collecting field to vintage and antique bookmarks that
either have a story with it or story character(s) from a well known tale.
I have several bookmarks to trade that I collected in the beginning."

Marcella Jordanna Moutim
Itajubá - MG

"Hi, My name is Marcella Jordanna and I've been collecting bookmarks
since 2011. I like series and sagas bookmarks all over the world. I can
speak Portuguese and English. You can contact me here:      or per email."

new bookmark collectors
- registered in January 2016 -

Amanda Muuga Rosa
São Paulo

"Hi! I'm from Brazil and I collect bookmarks since 2015. I have done and still do
exchanges with a lot of people in Brazil, and now I would like to exchange with
people around the world. Here are my bookmarks to exchange:
You can write me in Portuguese, English, Spanish or German."

Rosa Sobrino Rodrigues

"Intercambio Marcapáginas desde hace un año. Sobre todo de Editoriales y de
Cómic o Manga. Me encantaría ampliar mi collección con los marcapáginas de
mis libros y cómics y mangas favoritos. Así que si estás interesado en inter-
cambiar conmigo, no dudes en ponerte en contacto, estaré encantada de inter-
cambiar contigo. En estos enlaces están los marcapáginas que tengo para
intercambiar, tengo más
que iré añadiendo poco a poco."

Loen Fragoso
Rio de Janeiro

"My name is Loen and I've been collecting bookmarks for a few years already.
I have recently started to exchange bookmarks with other people from my
country, but I would love to exchange with people worldwide. I mostly collect
bookmarks from book publishers, libraries, movies ... Feel free to contact me
in English or Portuguese."

Klaus Kern

"I'm Klaus from Germany and I collect different items with LIGHTHOUSES:
picture post cards, napkins, labels, pins, etc. etc. And I also search for book-
marks with lighthouses. I would like to exchange Lighthouse bookmarks
from the whole world and I have a lot of different bookmarks for exchange.
Please contact me in English or in German."

Henrique César Barbosa
Belo Horizonte

"Hello, my name is Henrique and I have started to exchange bookmarks
very recently in 2015. I really want to exchange bookmarks with people
worldwide to increase my collection, so I hope that someone wants to
exchange with me, send me an email and so we'll talk about it."

new bookmark collectors
- registered in December 2015 -

Mark Plummer
Merredin WA

"I collect mostly free bookmarks from libraries, bookshops etc.
I would like to swap 3 bookmarks (1 swap only) with collectors

new bookmark collectors
- registered in November 2015 -

Larissa Aguiar
Niterói - Rio de Janeiro

"Hi! I'm from Brazil and I collect bookmarks since 2012. I have
done and still do exchanges with dozens of people all over
Brazil and with some from Portugal and would love to add
bookmarks from other countries to my collection. So feel
free to contact me in Portuguese, English or Spanish. You
can see my bookmarks available for exchange here:   "

Deisy Rodrigues Sousa
São Paulo

"My name is Deisy, collect bookmarks for several years and
would like to doing exchange with other collectors around
the world. Send me an email to can start trading, bookmarks
Have Feelings Too much editorial, as custom, museums,
commemorative, please contact by email."

new bookmark collectors
- registered in October 2015 -

Mariana Fernandes
San Carlos

"I have been collecting bookmarks for a couple of years now.
I collect all categories of bookmarks from around the world.
I would like to correspond with collectors around the world
who are interested in exchanging bookmarks. Especially with
people in England, Canada, Italy and Portugal."

José Carlos Siciliano Junior
Rio de Janeiro

"Hello. I love bookmarks and I've been collecting them since 2010
and exchanging them since 2013. I collect all kinds of bookmarks,
but especially the ones with the book covers and I'd really enjoy
exchanging with other countries. You can email me in Portuguese
or English. Hope we can have some fun and increase our collections

Jessica J. Ruiz Bernaldez
México City

"HI: My name's Jessica. I'm a bookmark collector from Mexico City.
My favourite themes are museums, art bookstore. I'd like to exchange
with collectors from other countries. You can write me in English or

new bookmark collectors
- registered in September 2015 -

Linda Cross

"I have an extensive bookmark collection and would like to exchange
paper bookmarks with anyone in Australia or around the world. 
Please contact me if you are interested."

new bookmark collectors
- registered in August 2015 -

Paula Caroline Andrade

"Hi! I collect bookmarks for a few years and I would like to exchange
with people from all over the world. You can write me in English or
Portuguese. I love Harry Potter and the authors Meg Cabot and
Scott Westerfeld, but I enjoy looking at any kind of bookmarks that
you have to exchange! My bookmarks: "

new bookmark collectors
- registered in July 2015 -

Jamile Braga de Sousa

"I am interested in exchange of bookmarks with people from different
countries! I love bookmarks from everywhere! Let's exchange, I would
love it (:"

Rebecca Rodrigues
Rio de Janeiro

"Olá meu nome é Rebecca, sou colecionadora a algum tempo e colecionar
marcadores virou meu hobby favorito. Sou fã de crepúsculo e coleciono
os marcadores da saga e outros internacionais também, quem tiver inter-
esse pode fazer contato. Grata :)"

Dawn Mudore
Freeport, IL

"My collection consists of commercial bookmarks, promotional bookmarks,
library bookmarks, free / ad bookmarks, many bookmarks from indie book-
stores, and bookmarks from all regions. I do have a few metal, leather, and
wooden bookmarks that I have received as gifts. I always pick up several
whenever I find the free ones, so I have many duplicates to exchange."

Subhalakshmi Bhattacharya Nandi

"I am an English language literature teacher and live in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) in India.
I have been a bookmark collector for the last twenty years or so now. I have a variety of 
collection from all over the world gifted to me personally by friends and relatives travelling
abroad. My collection ranges from card bookmarks to metal, leather, and to light wooden
ones. I would love to be in touch with other collectors to share pictures and stories of their
collections. I have some very original Indian leather, palm leaf and wooden bookmarks which
I can exchange/gift with my fellow collectors. Please get in touch with me, warmth and regards. "

new bookmark collectors
- registered in June 2015 -

Amanda Kaye
England UK

"I've been collecting bookmarks for a couple years now. I collect
all categories of bookmark from around the world. I would like to
correspond with collectors around the world who are interested
in exchanging bookmarks."

Byron Kerman
St. Louis, MO

"Hello, bookmark friends. Over many years I have amassed a huge
collection of doubles of paper bookmarks. I'm so glad I finally found
this site to help me trade with like-minded bookmark fans. The book-
marks offer a journey through bookstores, art galleries, festivals and
many other cultural moments. Learning about other cities and coun-
tries and their cultures is the coolest part of trading. Maybe you like
this, too? I also like the graphic design trends you can enjoy from era
to era, and imagining life in faraway places. I have thousands of book-
marks to trade. Looking forward to making new friends and sending
and receiving big packages stuffed with cool bookmarks. Thank you,
Mirage Bookmark friends. - Byron"

Rebeca Vasques

"Hello, my name is Rebecca Vasques and I collect markers since 2012,
but in the last year I decided to change the markers I've been collecting,
storing and accumulating. Nowadays, I try different markers, and I'm
willing to good honest exchanges. I would like to exchange with any
part of the world. Correspond in any language, as long as specified so
that I can properly use google translator. Collectors of all, let us unite!"

new bookmark collectors
- registered in May 2015 -

Regina Maciulyte

"My name is Regina. I love to collect bookmarks. I have different
bookmarks and I would like to add new ones from other countries.
I would like to exchange bookmarks with other collectors. I collect
all types of bookmarks. You can see my bookmarks or press "Like"
in facebook: "


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