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Bookmark collectors from Holland

Please write us if you don't get any answer from an email address from the list,
or if your email bounces back. We'll check and eliminate email addresses
which are no more in use.

Hans Krol
The Netherlands


"I collect bookmarks and postcards from or depicting libraries 
all over the world. I can exchange other bookmarks especially
from the Netherlands."

Minca Huiberts
Weert Limburg

"Hello, my name is Minca Huiberts. I started collecting bookmarks in 2011.
I collect almost everything but I'm mostly interested in Young Adult books
& movies (like The Hunger Games, Divergent, Fallen, Mortal Instruments).
I like bookmarks from Fantasy books too! Here's a list of bookmarks
I can trade. The list is not always complete or up to date. So you can contact
me, however only in English or Dutch: "

Dinie Beukers
The Netherlands

"My name is Dinie. I'm from Holland and I collect bookmarks.
I like to exchange bookmarks from all over the world.
Please contact me, you can write me in English or Dutch."

Denny Post
The Netherlands

"I have been collecting Dutch bookmarks for some years now. I would like
to extend my collection with bookmarks from other countries across the
world. I would be happy to exchange with anyone from all over the world.
We can write in English, Dutch or German."

Dineke Kolstee
The Netherlands

"I collect bookmarks with various subjects as art, musea, children
and a lot of more subjects. I collect further, series of bookstores and
publishers. Bookmarks from all over the world. I have a lot of bookmarks
for exchange. You can write me in Dutch, English or German.
Have a look in my album:  "

Willy Nieuwveld



"I'm interested in bookmarks from all over the world
I have different bookmarks to exchange.
You can write me in Dutch, English or German.
Have a look at my bookmark website:   " 

Harry Ketelaars

"I collect bookmarks from all over the world and wish to exchange
bookmarks with other collectors. You can write me in English,
German and French.

Frank Divendal


"I wish to exchange bookmarks from all over the world.
Please email me in English, Franšais or Deutsch."

Regina Playford

"Since August 2007 I am a member of  and in collecting
books for the purpose of letting them travel around the world I found quite a few
pretty bookmarks in such books and started to collect bookmarks finally. Before 
I dealt with bookmarks I had never realised that there are so many keen collectors 
around. As a rather new collector I don't have so many bookmarks, but I wish to 
see how many lovely bookmarks there are around. I look forward to hearing 
from you :)"

Joke Dinkelman

My name is Joke Dinkelmann. I collect bookmarks and
I wish to exchange bookmarks all over the world."

Gigi Finikas

"Hi everyone, My name is Gigi and I'm from Holland. I am a beginning
collector (as per Dec 2008) and I am looking forward to swapping with
others from all over the world. I read and write English, Dutch and Spanish
and will answer in those languages if you want. I also read and understand
German, French and Greek but I will then answer you in English because
that is easier for me. Looking forward to meeting many of you, I wish you a
happy 2009!

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