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Bookmark collectors from India

Subhalakshmi Bhattacharya Nandi


"I am an English language literature teacher and live in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) in India.
I have been a bookmark collector for the last twenty years or so now. I have a variety of 
collection from all over the world gifted to me personally by friends and relatives travelling
abroad. My collection ranges from card bookmarks to metal, leather, and to light wooden
ones. I would love to be in touch with other collectors to share pictures and stories of their
collections. I have some very original Indian leather, palm leaf and wooden bookmarks which
I can exchange/gift with my fellow collectors. Please get in touch with me, warmth and regards. "

Charu Sharma

" I'm a resident of India and a bookmark collection is passion of me
though fairly new found.
I have a small collection for the beginning.
I would love to be part of this community and share with the people
of common interest."

Gangadharan S.

"Hello! I am Gangadharan from India. I collect bookmarks from here
and there and around the globe. I would love to exchange bookmarks
on the multicultral / multilingual bookmark collectors' page of Mirage


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