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Bookmark collectors from Mexico

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which are no more in use.

Jessica J. Ruiz Bernaldez
México City

"HI: My name's Jessica. I'm a bookmark collector from Mexico City.
My favourite themes are museums, art bookstore. I'd like to exchange
with collectors from other countries. You can write me in English or

Karen Mendoza

"Hi I'm Karen and I'm a new bookmark collector. I like all types of
bookmarks. I'd like to exchange bookmarks with collectors from
all over the world. You can write me in Spanish or English.

Luis Juan Solis

"I have been collecting bookmarks for a few years, and have
a sizable collection. I particularly like the ones issued by
publishers and given away at bookshops. I also like book-
marks from art shows, advertising, or any other topic really
provided they have foreign-language text printed on them,
(by 'foreign' I mean any language other than Spanish, my
mother tongue.)"


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Advertising Bookmark
Galeria Ruiz Rojo
Mexican Art
Guadalajara - México