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Bookmark collectors from U.S.A.

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Michael Holbrook 

Salem, OR

"I'm a book lover and, until I found this site, was not aware of bookmark clubs.
This is wonderful. I'm in the US (Salem, OR) and only speak English. Would
love to trade bookmarks. I'm a newbie so I presently only have a few. But I'll
keep my eyes open for more!"

Meg Brown
Milford, NH

"I started collecting a few bookmarks and looking into their history
because I make handmade beaded and wire bookmarks with stories.
Each bookmark reflects a character in the story. I have just recently
narrowed the collecting field to vintage and antique bookmarks that
either have a story with it or story character(s) from a well known tale.
I have several bookmarks to trade that I collected in the beginning."

Dawn Mudore
Freeport, IL

"My collection consists of commercial bookmarks, promotional bookmarks,
library bookmarks, free / ad bookmarks, many bookmarks from indie book-
stores, and bookmarks from all regions. I do have a few metal, leather, and
wooden bookmarks that I have received as gifts. I always pick up several
whenever I find the free ones, so I have many duplicates to exchange."

Lisa Walters
Ypsilanti, MI


"I collect the freebies from stores and libraries that have the name 
(and sometimes other information) about the store or library. I have
MANY of those to swap with people in other states and countries. 
I collect from everywhere, but most of the ones I have to trade are 
from Michigan."

Lou Wetherbee
Dallas, TX

"I am interested in finding bookmarks with images of authors and/or 
their homes, of scenes of books and reading, of pen and ink drawings
of libraries or other places. I like simplicity of line. 
I also cut and illustrate my own bookmarks."

Donna Broadfoot
N Manchester, IN


I have collected bookmarks over time from various bookstores
and travels, as well as those that several friends have made for me. 
I also make my own bookmarks. I didn't know other people collected
them too.  I am very interested in exchanging bookmarks with others, 
here in USA or all over the world. I only speak and read English
though... my apologies."

Laura Watts
Lake in the Hills, Ill.

"Huge book lover and always in need of a bookmark. I am not picky
about the bookmark, just love to receive and send."

Mark Tyler
Thief River Falls, MN

I have always been interested in reading and started collecting bookmarks
a few years ago.  Although I don't have a lot of duplicates, it would be fun
to converse and exchange with other collectors."

Peta-Gaye Dunn
Dallas, TX

"I love to read and I love to travel. Would love to trade bookmarks.
I can provide bookmarks from the USA. Thanks

Susan Schriber
James Island, SC

"Hi I have written to pen pals for over 30 years and I also read a lot.
I have collected bookmarks since I was a kid and I also trade
a lot of my pen pals, some from overseas. Would love to trade with
other collectors. I make greeting cards and often make bookmarks

This here is a bookmark Susan created:

Teri Pachis
Memphis, TN


"I would love to trade bookmarks with others. I have many different 
bookmark types, but mainly JRR Tolkien/Lord of the Rings to trade 
and that is what I want to trade for. I have more than 400 Tolkien/Lord 
of the Rings bookmarks in my collection. I can work with English and 
limited, broken French if you can be patient."

Delories Horton
Atlanta, GA

"I have been a collector for several years. I have more European
bookmarks from my vacations. I would like to trade for some
places in the UK that I did not get a bookmark."

Lisa Lowe
Hampton, VA

I have been picking up bookmarks from all over for as long as I can 
remember. I am a book collector as well and would love to correspond 
with anyone interestedin bookmarks and books. Would love to exchange 
bookmarks with others from all over the world. I read/write English only."

Diane Allevato
Novato, CA

"I am a lifelong book collector but just last week (first week of March 2010) I decided
to start collecting bookmarks. I volunteer in a nonprofit used bookstore and fascinat-
ing bookmarks come in with the donated books. There is so much for me to learn and
I would love to communicate with knowledgeable collectors in English or Spanish. "

Cheryl C. Naccarato
Woodland Park, CO



"I am not sure when I started collecting bookmarks.
I just woke up one morning years ago and said to myself:
'Gee, you are obsessed with these things!'
I collect mostly paper ones. I also make bookmarks and
bookhooks. Exchanging appeals to me and am willing
to consider any offer. I look forward to hearing from one and all.

I speak and write English only."

David Hill
New Market, AL

"I have scrapbooks full of bookmarks almost all of which I have been given.
I started collecting bookmarks because I'd find them in 2nd hand books I bought.
I have bookmarks from all over the Australia, the US, the UK and Europe as well as
some from Korea and Japan. I also collect less conventional bookmarks, for example
airline boarding cards."

David Li
Richmond, CA


"My name is David Li, a lifetime booklover from bay area California.
I started to collect bookmarks in 2002. I feel that people who like books
and reading are nicer people, and it is fun to share the hobby of collecting
cool bookmarks and, at the same time, to know nice people. I would like to
exchange bookmarks with anybody in the world, and I have many doubles.
Please contact me in English or Chinese. My other collections include stamps
and woodblock print books. I have also a blog on bookmark collecting:

Jacek Jakobik
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

"Looking for collectors to exchange with.
Please write me in English, Polish or Spanish."

Rodney Hoffman
Los Angeles CA

"I live in Los Angeles, California, USA.  I have collected bookmarks from independent
bookstores for decades.  If you have some I don't have, I'd love to trade you some of my 
surplus bookmarks."

Shelley Bernal
Wichita Falls, TX

"Hello! I live in the United States. I would like to make new friends and
trade bookmarks with people from any country, including my own.
I'm able to correspond in English. I hope to hear from you soon!


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